Allied ShoppingBehavior Analysis #3

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Our Strategy for Allied

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The team behind our Allied Shopping Behavior Analysis Project

You’ll never wonder if we’re doing what we promised. We strive to continuously earn your business and your trust, through transparent communication, integrity, and results. Every single month.

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Tejumade Orebiyi

Director of Digital Strategy

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Theresa Oyim

V.P. of Brand Success

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Emmanuel Chisom

Managing Partner

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Isaac Chika

Director of Digital PR

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Bella Victor

Director of Analytics and Technology

Data Gathering

You’ll have an initial kick-off meeting with your Brand Success Manager (BSM) and other team members on your account.

Internal Strategies

The experts on your account will conduct an internal strategy session to determine the most effective way to achieve higher search engine rankings

Insite Dashboard

Once set up, your BSM will give you a walkthrough of the InSite Dashboard, our proprietary reporting platform.

Scheduled Meetings

Unlike other SEO service providers, we believe in transparency. You’ll have regular meetings with your BSM to discuss campaign performance

Quarterly Reviews

Every quarter, you’ll have a campaign review meeting with your BSM to align on long-term objectives, overall performance, and ongoing strategy.

Strategy Adjustments

Throughout the search marketing campaign, your BSM and key personnel will be analyzing data to make strategic adjustments catered towards